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In 2005, I created All Systems Are Go!  with a simple goal; to simplify our lives and create accessible and energy efficient homes with the help of technology.

It all began more than 30 years ago living in my parent’s house as a child.  Our home had been the focus of several burglaries.  My father had come home one day with some products from RadioShack.  It was a simple, yet innovative product for the time.  It was a wired security system, which also incorporated the use of lighting control and was able to be controlled at my parent’s bedside from a single multi-button box.  “It’s X-10” my father told me, “…and it controls the lights by talking through the house wiring.”  My father demonstrated how he could turn “ON” & “OFF” certain lights and even turn “ON” & “OFF” all lights with the push of a button from their bedside.  I was immediately hooked.  Not only from this new technology, but because its name was reminiscent of a hypersonic research aircraft from the NASA program called the X-15.  My life, on that day, changed.   I had always been fascinated with the Space Program, and I loved to build model rockets and launch them.   I believe that all started from when I was only a month old when my parents sat me in front of the television to watch the late Neil Armstrong plant the first human footstep on the Moon.  (Well, maybe not…but it is a good story from my loving parents).

Jump forward to 2004.  I was watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where they were making over a home for a blind gentleman.  His home was “automated” by voice.  He could control his home by speaking to it!

Now, being a Registered Nurse (and a visionary geek as well), I saw the impact of this technology for our future, and also how it benefits people with disabilities and our elderly.  I put my money to work and bought the voice-activated system.  I saw that it was a little too frustrating to operate effectively and started my research on “home automation”.   A year later, I built a company, ASGnow, LLC with plans to have subsidiary companies to encompass my full vision of making our home lives convenient though automation, interior design & space-planning and elder monitoring. 

All Systems Are Go!  (a throw-back to the NASA program) was created in 2005 and provided the “do-it-yourselfer” all products and a custom-designed system necessary to create a safe and energy efficient home that can be accessed and operated from anywhere in the world through the internet, phone and smartphone.  People are able to turn “on” and “off” their lighting, heating and air-conditioning, security systems and view security cameras.  They can remotely close a garage door that was accidentally left open, lock/unlock the doors, and even notify you that the kids made it safely home or that a car is coming up the driveway.  During the summer, you can tell the house to cool-down while you are driving home, and even warm the hot-tub so it can be ready for you when you get home.  The house can turn the air-conditioner or heater off if you leave a door open for more than a few minutes.  You can monitor how much energy the house is using.  You can even have the house remind you that it is trash-night, or even a birthday or anniversary.  Going on vacation?  Have the house look like someone is still at home by automating the lights.  Gone for the day?  Have the house set-back the heating and air-conditioning so that it isn’t wasting energy while no one is at home.  Going to bed?  Have the house turn off all the lights, close the garage door, lock all the doors, arm the security system, set the appropriate temperature – all with a single button-press. 

For entertainment value, you can dramatically dim the lights to watch movies stored on your server, have a romantic dinner, or even a lively party with distributed music throughout the house and backyard.  Do you like to lie out in the backyard?  Too hot?  Automate a misting system to cool you off while you’re in the sun.

These are all ideas that an automated home can do for you.  But it’s not just limited to that.  The only limitation is your imagination!

We are coming into an age where our “Baby-Boomer” parents are retiring, and in the near future will be potentially requiring elder-care.  Costs of assisted living are through the roof, and for a lot of us are unattainable. 

According to the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging:

  • The average daily cost for a private room in a nursing home is $213.00, ($6,390.00 per month and $77,745.00 annually).
  • The average daily cost for a semi-private room in a nursing home is $189.00, ($5,670.00 per month and $68,985.00 annually).
  • The average monthly cost of living in Assisted Living Communities is $2,969.00 or $35,628.00 annually.
  • The average cost of living in a not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is $2,672.00 per month, or $32,064.00 annually.
  • The average monthly rate for assisted living facilities that charge additional fees for providing Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia care is $4,270.00 per month or $51,240.00 annually.
  • To move into a community, individuals might also have to pay an entry fee ranging from $60,000.00 to $120,000.00 or more.

Having our aging parents stay at home (which is where they way to be anyways) can be a better option of we can keep a closer eye on their activities and keep the family more closely involved.  The average cost to set up monitoring for them at home is about $10,000 with a monthly monitoring fee of about $50.  A much cheaper solution and keeps the family involved in their loved-one’s care.  The system pays for itself the first couple of months.  With this system, you can monitor movements through the house to make sure they are not aimlessly wandering in the middle of the night.  Monitor their time in bed, or in a chair.  Monitor their medicine box to make sure they are taking their medication.  Monitor the refrigerator to make sure they are eating.  Monitor doors and windows for security and to also alert family if they are being opened in the middle of the night when they shouldn’t be.  Temperature sensors are in place to make sure it is not too hot, or too cold.  Buttons can be setup for housekeepers or food delivery people to push so that you know they were there.

Sadly, in July of 2012, I needed to close ASGnow, LLC (the visible online automation store) due to the poor economy.  I would keep All Systems Are Go! as a consulting business for those who share in the vision of a safer, and more efficient home for all.  I continue to do the same work of designing systems for homes and businesses, but I do not provide the online shopping experience anymore.  I still design and offer the same products, but just not online as ASGnow, LLC was setup to do.

All This Space is my wife’s business as an Interior Design Consultant – making your house. . .your home.  If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or bath, remodel your backyard, planning a party or just need some consultation to change the look of your home, Jenny has been in business since 1997.  Visit her Facebook page to see her remarkable work!



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